Federal C.R. Bard MDL for Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Surpasses 20,000 Claims

During the month of July, the hernia mesh lawsuit achieved a notable milestone by reaching over 20,000 individual cases in the federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) against medical device subsidiary C.R. Bard and its parent company, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD).

Currently, there are two multidistrict litigations (MDLs) for the incoming hernia mesh lawsuits against C.R. Bard to be funneled into: a federal MDL in Ohio, and a state MDL in Rhode Island. The federal MDL has received the bulk of the hernia mesh lawsuits against C.R. Bard, but the state-wide Rhode Island MDL has acquired several thousand of its own claims.

Armed with over 20,000 claims, the federal C.R. Bard hernia mesh MDL is one of the largest MDLs in America today, surpassing prominent lawsuits against major, commonly-known products like Prilosec, Paraquat, and Zantac. 

If that wasn’t enough, there are also separate federal MDLs against other hernia mesh manufacturers, such as Atrium Medical Corporation and Covidien, that have been steadily gaining traction. The Atrium C-Qur Mesh MDL has acquired over 2,500 lawsuits, and the Covidien MDL has recently surpassed over 1,000 claims.

Recap of previous hernia mesh verdicts and settlements

Though there haven’t been many trials within any of the active hernia mesh MDLs thus far, multiple hernia mesh manufacturers have quietly settled their ongoing cases a few times since this lawsuit began. 

In 2011, the settlement that started it all, C.R. Bard settled around 2,600 lawsuits against its Kugel hernia patch for $184 million. This settlement came a few years after a Class 1— the most serious category— FDA recall was issued against the Kugel hernia patch in 2005.

Then, in 2021, Atrium and Ethicon both had their own confidential settlement agreements to resolve some of their lawsuits. Based on reporting from Drugwatch, the Atrium settlement was estimated at around $66 million. The same year as these settlements were reached, the first verdict against C.R. Bard in the federal hernia mesh MDL was decided: $255,000 for a man who suffered complications with his Ventralex Hernia Patch.

Finally, last year in 2022, the hernia mesh lawsuit was rocked by its first major verdict: $4.8 million to a Hawaiian man who also suffered from medical complications with his Ventralex Hernia Patch. This was the bombshell that changed the future of the hernia mesh lawsuit, and current plaintiffs are now waiting to see if they could be the next person to win big in court.

With the hernia mesh lawsuit steadily heating up, now is the perfect time to file a claim against hernia mesh manufacturers like C.R. Bard and Atrium. If you or an immediate family member received a defective hernia mesh implant and had to go back to your doctor for a follow-up revision surgery to resolve medical complications, see if you qualify to join the lawsuit.