Record-Setting $2.25 Billion Verdict Rattles Roundup Manufacturers

In a groundbreaking decision, a Philadelphia jury has ordered Bayer and Monsanto, the manufacturers of Roundup weed killer, to pay a staggering $2.25 billion in damages. The jury found that the companies failed to adequately warn consumers about the potential cancer risk associated with exposure to glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup. This verdict marks the largest payout to date in Roundup litigation.

After deliberating for just one hour, the jury reached a unanimous decision to punish Bayer and Monsanto with $2 billion in punitive damages. John McKivision, the plaintiff who developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after using Roundup, was also awarded $250 million in compensatory damages. The substantial difference between the punitive and compensatory damages indicates that the jury placed significant emphasis on the companies’ negligence when determining the outcome of the case.

“It was a strong and decisive and unanimous declaration,” said Thomas R. Kline, one of the plaintiff’s attorneys. He claimed that the court had heard “three weeks of damning testimony about some of the most egregious corporate misconduct in American history,” adding that the jury “spoke strength and with conviction.”

The plaintiff’s attorneys believe that this substantial verdict sends a clear message that Bayer and Monsanto need to enact comprehensive changes in their Roundup operations.

Bayer and Monsanto plan to appeal the decision in an effort to reduce the damages they owe. Although they intended to resolve all remaining Roundup cases in 2020 with a $10 billion settlement, there are still over 4,000 pending cases against Bayer in a federal multidistrict litigation as of 2024. 

A new trial is scheduled to begin in a Delaware state court in early February, leaving Bayer and Monsanto with little respite before they face another legal battle.

Now that Bayer and Monsanto are being repeatedly held accountable in court, now’s the time to join the lawsuit against the manufacturers of Roundup. If you or an immediate family member developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or another type of lymphoma or leukemia after using Roundup weed killer, see if you qualify to receive compensation today.