Bayer and Monsanto Slammed with $1.56 Billion Verdict in Missouri

On November 17, 2023, a Missouri jury ordered Bayer and Monsanto to pay a staggering $1.56 billion to three plaintiffs who developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after using Roundup weed killer. This verdict marks the largest Roundup payout since the $2.05 billion award in 2018.

The jury found Bayer and Monsanto liable for product design defects, company negligence, and failure to sufficiently warn users about the potential link between Roundup exposure and cancer. The plaintiffs were awarded a combined total of $61.1 million in compensatory damages for their suffering, with an additional $100,000 awarded to the wife of one plaintiff. However, the most significant portion of the payout was in punitive damages: $1.5 billion dollars intended to penalize Bayer and Monsanto for their corporate misconduct.

As with the 2018 award, it is likely that this massive payout will be substantially reduced upon appeal, which is typical for verdicts with punitive damages that exceed four times the value of the compensatory damages. Nonetheless, the $1.5 billion in punitive damages is a clear signal to Bayer/Monsanto that its corporate conduct is unacceptable.

This marks the fourth losing trial in a row for Bayer and Monsanto, a stark contrast to their earlier legal successes in 2022. Even in the face of multiple huge verdicts against them in a single year, Bayer and Monsanto are not backing down. They vowed to appeal the ruling, a sign that they will continue to maintain their stance that Roundup is safe to use.

Although Bayer and Monsanto are likely to succeed in their appeal efforts, their persistent denial of liability appears to be losing traction in court. If the companies do not decide to reach a settlement to resolve the thousands of remaining Roundup lawsuits, their legal and financial woes could continue to get worse.

These recent 2023 verdicts after a string of losses against Bayer and Monsanto in 2022 have turned the tides for the future of the Roundup lawsuit. If you or an immediate family member developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or another type of lymphoma or leukemia after using Roundup weed killer, see if you qualify to receive compensation today.