Workers' Compensation

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Every year, millions of U.S. workers are injured on the job.

Workers’ compensation is a program that enables U.S. employees who either got injured or developed an illness while on-shift to receive compensation. Damages that can be recovered include medical costs, lost future wages, the cost of physical therapy, and other losses.


If you were injured while on the clock, you may be able to qualify for a financial settlement during your medical leave. Workers’ compensation is mandated both on the federal and state level, though two states allow businesses to opt out of providing workers’ compensation coverage.

Am I eligible to receive workers’ compensation?

In order to file a claim for workers’ compensation, you must have gotten injured at your place of work, and your injury must have been caused directly by the condition of your workplace. Your workplace should also have workers’ compensation insurance, which is required by state law.


However, not every employee is granted the ability to receive workers’ compensation. Depending on your state, exceptions may apply to certain businesses. In some industries, usually those that present more physical risk to employees, employers may not be required to carry workers’ compensation insurance at all. And, if you live in either Texas or Oklahoma, your employer has the ability to completely opt out of providing workers’ compensation coverage if they choose to do so.

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What can I expect from my workers' comp settlement?

While an exact amount is impossible to predict, previous verdicts range from tens of thousands to tens of millions. It’s important to note that your case will be individually assessed, meaning your settlement will not be shared with others. Our priority is to ensure the best possible outcome for you, not inflating attorney profits.

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Frequently asked questions about workers' compensation claims

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How much will I be paid for lost wages during my medical leave?

You will receive a percentage of your after-tax earnings based on the average of last year’s income. The percentage may vary by state, but it will typically be 75-80%. Your tax filing status, marital status, and any dependents in your care may also be considered.


Many employers also provide accident leave for the first week or two after an injury. During this time, you may be paid your full wage, which will not deducted from your accrued sick leave.


If you work a high-risk job where employees are frequently injured, you may earn an even higher percentage of your wage than 75-80%.

I was not at my workplace when the injury occurred. Am I eligible?
It depends on where you were and which laws your state uses for work-related injury. In general, an injury is covered by workers’ compensation if it occurs within the scope of employment.

The injury will likely be covered if:

  • The employee is traveling and gets injured at their hotel.

  • The employee is injured while running an errand for the employer.

  • The employee is injured while driving on the clock.
If an injury occurs at a company-sponsored event off the premises of the workplace, it should also be covered by workers’ compensation unless the worker was intoxicated.
How much will workers comp representation cost me?

Similar to most personal injury cases, attorneys for a workers compensation case also work on a contingency basis, meaning that you’re not obligated to pay any legal fees unless you win your case.


However, unlike most personal cases, the percentage deducted from your total settlement to cover attorney fees would be much smaller. Compared to the usual 30-40% contingency fee, plaintiffs can expect to pay only around 15% of their winnings in a workers compensation case, unless the case is notably complex.

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