Wrongful Death

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Dealing with the loss of a family member can feel earth-shattering, but a good attorney can help you receive the compensation you need to keep your family stable during financial hardship. A wrongful death lawsuit should be filed when a person or entity is directly responsible for the death of another person, whether it was intentional or an accident.


Wrongful death can happen just about anywhere and occur in many forms, from a fatal car wreck to an accident that happens when surgery unfortunately goes wrong. Filing a wrongful death claim with an attorney can help your family cover the heavy costs that come losing a loved one and finally find peace.

What damages can be claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit?

These are some (but not all) of the damages the deceased’s family may be able to collect:

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What can I expect from my wrongful death settlement?

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Frequently asked questions about wrongful death claims

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Which family members can file a claim for a loved one?

This question can be tricky, since each state plays by slightly different rules. Some states have relatively loose familial guidelines, while others are very strict. 


States with more relaxed wrongful death laws will allow several different family members to come forward, including parents, spouses, and adult children. Stricter states will only allow the person listed in the deceased’s will (called the personal representative) to file a claim.

What is a survival action?

A survival action allows a personal representative (or an eligible family member) to file for the personal injury damages that the deceased would have filed for if he or she were still living.


Damages earned from a wrongful death claim are designed to compensate the deceased’s family for any loss of income, support, or companionship caused by the victim’s death.


A survival death action, however, is designed to compensate the victim for the damages they suffered before they died, like emotional distress or pain and suffering. Survival actions usually occur if the victim had already filed a personal injury claim or was already suffering from an injury or illness for a long time.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit after my treatment?

In 48 states, plaintiffs have 2-3 years to file a wrongful death claim on the behalf of their deceased loved ones.

However, in Louisiana and Kentucky, family members only have ONE YEAR after their loved ones passed away to file a wrongful death claim, similar to a medical malpractice case. If you live in either of these states, you’ll need to act very quickly before your time runs out.

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